What Sets Us Apart

what sets us apart

Our Legacy

Dr. McNew started his practice, with offices in Greenville and Sulphur Springs, in 1977. The practice swiftly came to be known for offering quality, personalized orthodontic treatment.

In anticipation of retirement, Dr. McNew sold the practice to Dr. Capps, Dr. Hodges, and Dr. Spencer in 2010, but continued serving patients until 2016. He wanted to see through some of his final patients’ cases and feel secure that they would be in caring, talented hands.

Our doctors and team are dedicated to living up to all Dr. McNew established: maintaining a welcoming, family-friendly, and patient-centered atmosphere, where each person is treated with respect and compassion.

We all live in the community and are literally straightening teeth, improving airway and oral health, and beautifying smiles for our friends, neighbors, and families. We love these connections and appreciate the opportunity to serve people who mean the world to us!

Creating Generations of Beautifully Healthy and Confident Smiles, One Person at a Time!

  • Advanced Orthodontic Solutions: Our doctors and team are skilled and experienced professionals. We stay at the forefront of developments in orthodontics and customer service through active, ongoing professional education, incorporating the best new options into the practice and patient care.
  • Informed, Personalized Treatment: We seek to understand the individual’s expectations and perform thorough initial exams and diagnostics before developing a unique treatment plan. The doctors consider what will serve the person best over the long term, identifying treatment to deliver a radiant smile, as well as improving dental and airway health. In presenting the plan, we explain everything: the diagnosis, what is recommended and why, and the pros and cons of other options. Then the patient and family decide how to proceed. By honestly informing patients, we ensure everyone is able to make the right decisions for their life, expectations, and smile!
  • Beyond Aesthetics, Orthodontics Improves Health: Our doctors know that orthodontic care has a long-term impact on both the emotional health of our patients, and on their overall wellness. Improving a person’s smile can dramatically change their self-perception and confidence. Improving function is not as glamorous but is equally rewarding, because it establishes long-term health. But one of the most rewarding parts of our practice is in the realm of airway health. Orthodontics can have a profound impact on a patient’s airway, which improves general health and sleep quality. This can change the trajectory of a child’s life and future success, and equally transform the life of an adult.

Learn More

HSC Orthodontics offers consultations at our two offices in Greenville and Sulphur Springs, TX. We invite you to learn how we can help you enjoy a healthier, happier life: by straightening your teeth, improving your oral and airway health, and giving you the beautifully confident, one-of-a-kind smile you deserve! Schedule your consultation today!

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